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As you browse through, you may view information about our company and all of our current capabilities, see the examples of our past work, book a consultant, request a quote on your project or provide us with your comments... and while doing so you unquestionably become another critical and important part of our experience. We truly appreciate your interest and consideration, and with our skills and years of professional experience, we look forward to serving your needs... however individual they may be.

About company
About company

Who We Are
We are OlmiSoft, the software development outsourcing company that prides itself on offering high quality, cost-effective and functional software and web solutions, which add value to business, improve efficiency of organizational processes and increase profitability.

Since the time it was founded in 2000, OlmiSoft development team has delivered over two hundred software projects in diverse business areas, such as e-commerce, education, sports, real estate, jurisprudence and many more.

We provide reliable and efficient IT services to well-established businesses as well as to startup companies on either a contract "temporary assignment basis" or through becoming their preferred service provider, catering for all the software and web development needs they have.

What We Do
If you are a manager that requires help of professional IT consultants or looking for expertise to realize a complex and challenging IT project... look no further, that's what we do best!

Our specialists realize full software development cycle that includes business analysis, requirements gathering and documentation, the systems development and implementation, their integration with other software products as well as testing, support and maintenance.

Our experienced project managers have managed hundreds of projects and the company's analysts boast years of ongoing experience in business analysis in the wide range of activities.

That is why we can offer the most cost-effective and functional solutions, which ensure that our clients achieve their business objectives the most optimal way.

Our mission
Providing our clients with the most optimal, cost-effective and robust solutions, which contribute into increase in the returns and productivity of their businesses and

Becoming a service provider of choice for our every client by outperforming our direct competition in the quality, efficiency and diversity of the services we offer.

Development Process Organization
Maximum utility and efficiency of a program developed for a customer is the aim we purpose at all stages of the software production. To achieve this goal, we apply a time-tested project management technology. This project management technology is based upon Rational Unified Process (RUP), which guarantees stability and predictability of the development process flow and the end results. Complemented by our extensive hands-on experience, the technology employed thoroughly takes into account all the specifics of our companys business and organizational processes.

A program's development commences with reviewing and analyzing clients requirements and creating a specifications document (or fine-tuning an existing one). While using the initial requirements as a basis, we do not limit ourselves by them, but endeavor to understand the business implications behind them and, using our experience, offer the most beneficial solution.

The specialists of the company then define a set (or systemize the already existing one) of features necessary for the future software product. Deep understanding of the task at hand and of the methods of its realization, thoroughly documented description of required functionality, approved by the client, guarantees that our clients achieve their objectives within predefined budget and estimated time frame.

We know that any program is like a "living organism" and should be able to grow and develop. That is why we strive to make our software and applications particularly flexible, providing the easiness of future modifications and improvements. Due to this fact, the software and applications we develop can be easily supported and maintained. We take it as a rule to try and demonstrate the first results to the customer as soon as possible. Early accounting and realization of clients requests and ideas allow us developing a product that exactly matches our customers technical and functional requirements.

High automation level of all types of work, wide use of different project management and programming tools (Rational Rose, ERWin, CVS, time accounting system and bug-tracking system) means that we can come up with an effective solution to a problem at hands on term and at, of course, the highest possible quality level.

Our Team
We are well aware that the success of any software product depends significantly on the qualities of a development team. That is the reason why we pay much attention to organizing a solid professional collective. Interesting tasks, application of advanced technologies both to the development itself and to the management of the development process are important motivational factors for any professional; and we are glad that we can offer both of these components to our staff.

The experience and the potential of our managers, developers and QA specialists allow performing tasks of practically any nature in the field of creation, testing, and modification of software products; in case there is a need to realize a sizable project within strict time constraints, we will put together an efficient work-team, which will include sufficient number of skilled professionals.

Orientation towards value-adding and appreciable results keeps high the motivation level of our expert development team, who can see the demand for and real practical value of their work.

Our location
We are based in Novosibirsk, Russia, which is home to Academgorodok (the Academic City), the major scientific and educating center in the Siberian region and Russia in general. Thanks to the presence of some of the top Universities and Research Institutes in the country, we enjoy the opportunity to employ and sub-contract only the best IT talent.

Our time zone is GMT+07. Current local time is 4:30am. You can also find our current time and some other useful info on our location on timeanddate.com

Our location

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