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Why Outsource to Russia
Why Outsource to Russia
  • Cost effectiveness of the software development process:.

    The rates software development companies in Russia provide their services at are on par with India in regards to programming costs, while having wider experience with different technologies than the Indian programmers, who are "typically limited to working in large software development factories."

  • High quality of human resources:

    The programming skills of Russian university graduates are high, as recognized by their strong performance at World programming contests. Mastery in quantitative disciplines coupled with English proficiency has resulted in a skill set that has enabled the country to take advantage of the current international demand for IT.

  • Close cultural affinity with clients:

    Russia has closer cultural affinity with both the European and American worlds than its competitors

  • Russian legislation on the Intellectual Property is compliant with the International IP intellectual property rights:

    Leading outsourcing vendors in collaborations with numerous major corporate clients and with the help of leading international law firms (e.g. Baker & McKenzie, Gowlings, Deloitte, etc.) have developed practical proof that the intellectual property (IP) laws currently on the books in Russia are compliant with the International IP intellectual property rights.

  • Russian business hours are in better sync with the US and Europe.

  • Convenient geographical location:

    Russia is physically closer to the US than Asia or Pacific Rim making more face-to-face interaction possible across management and development teams (Moscow is only 3 hours away from London and 40% closer to New York than Bombay, India for example).

  • Russian infrastructure was rated higher than that of other major offshore destinations:

    Russian infrastructure was rated 59 on a 1 to 100 scale (where 1 is the highest), while China and Philippines were rated 66 and India 75.

    The above information is obtained from the "IT Outsourcing Destination: Russia" (PDF File, 4M) White Paper, published by the Russia's Association of Software Development Companies in October 2005. The paper provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on the state of the Russian software development industry.

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