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As you browse through, you may view information about our company and all of our current capabilities, see the examples of our past work, book a consultant, request a quote on your project or provide us with your comments... and while doing so you unquestionably become another critical and important part of our experience. We truly appreciate your interest and consideration, and with our skills and years of professional experience, we look forward to serving your needs... however individual they may be.

Do take a look at the samples of our work in other areas:
Our experience in creation of different sorts of Web Applications is extensive and our portfolio boasts over a hundred of applications... >>>
We take web design matters very seriously and collaborate with the best web designers only to make... >>>
PocketPC Applications
PocketPC Applications
Application development for Wireless and Pocket devices has been one of... >>>

OlmiSoft boasts a very extensive and diverse portfolio of completed projects. Below is a representative sample of our work in different areas. Please select an area that interests you:
Windows Applications

We have released a substantial number of user applications for Windows. Those include various enterprise applications such as trade and accounting systems, Courseware, Documents Circulation Support systems and the like. Some of the noteworthy products are a Production Quality Control system for manufacturers and a database, which allows searching data directly from a CD-ROM and does not require installation on computers hard drive.


An application program currently running under Windows environment, and which allows its users to input behaviour patterns observed in children with learning difficulties. Also allows to compile differentiated teaching strategy and action plan for each child and to control their realization. Provides various reports.

The application is developed for our British client and is successfully used in many educational organizations, schools, etc. The program has been available to schools for 2 years and in this time has been very well received. The second version of the product is in the development stage.

Technologies: Borland Delphi

NetFav plugin

Plugin for the MS Internet Explorer, which allows storing favorite websites on the server on the Internet. Thanks to this Plugin, the Favorites can be retrieved from any computer connected to the Internet (after authorization, of course), which is relevant for everyone, who uses several computers (in the house and in the office, for example).

Apart from just saving the links, the Plugin can also save on the NetFav server web pages themselves, like they are usually saved by a browser on a local disk. You can save not only a page content, but also all the images and elements of the design. Moreover, you can save any file on the server and get access to it from wherever you are. The access to the catalogue, stored pages and files can be gained by either using Plugin or through the web interface.

The entire product has been developed by our team. That includes the Plugin itself, it's server part, the admin part for the user management and the website's interface design.

Technologies:Plugin - Microsoft Visual C++
Server part - PHP + MySQL

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